Published on:
August 24, 2022

We always felt that something is missing in the Toronto food culture but couldn’t really point out what. Then we suddenly realized - the ridiculous, unnecessary and often stupid Japanese food challenges are what the city needs. 😂

What’s in this Giant GYUKATSU Challenge Set you ask?

✓ 8oz Ribeye GYUKATSU

✓ 6oz Chuck Flap GYUKATSU

✓ 6oz Sirloin GYUKATSU✓ 8oz Karaage

✓ 4 x Menchi Katsu

✓ 4 x Ebi Katsu

✓ 4 x Aji Fry

✓ Rice, lots of rice

✓ Miso soup (Unlimited)

Only 3KG you know? Not so bad. 😂 Finish everything within 35 mins the set is free, plus a $25 coupon!

You up for the challenge? 🤙🏻

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