Katsugyu Winter Menu is here!

Published on:
December 5, 2022

GYUSUI is a soothing & comforting soup that’s made with Kansai-fu dashi that’s slow cooked in Katsuo flakes & Kombu, with the umami of our sliced short rib and the natural sweetness of the onions - it is light, yet in depth with so much flavour.

Pair it with rice or udon, it is the ideal meal for any winter day or night ✨

ー Katsugyu Winter Limited ー

⊛ Katsugyu GYUSUI Teishoku [$14]

⊛ Katsugyu GYUSUI Udon [$14]

⊛ Shiramata Zenzai [$6]

GYUSUI sets come with sesame spinach appetizer & signature onsen egg. We’re so excited to let everyone try the broth we’ve worked on for 3 months! Come visit!

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