GYUKATSU【牛カツ】- aka. Japanese Style Beef Katsu. Being the pioneer of the juicy, tender and flavourful GYUKATSU, Kyoto Katsugyu is excited to serve everyone here in Toronto!

But how to enjoy authentic GYUKATSU like you are in Japan? Let's take a look. 

A GYUKATSU Meal is unlike anything else. Every set comes with sides and signature sauces that is specially crafted just for enjoy GYUKATSU!

Every bite is another sensation and experience.


Fresh Wasabi

Barley Rice


AKA Miso Soup

Sansho Pepper Salt

Sansho is one of the most popular spices in Kyoto. With a distinct savory scent, this pepper salt will give your GYUKATSU a undeniable flavour.

Dashi Soy Sauce

Slow cooked with dashi stock, releasing its unique sweetness & flavour. Pairing with fresh Wasabi - the classic way to enjoy GYUKATSU.


With the natural sweetness of fresh vegetables. our Japanese style Worcester sauce is made specially to enjoy GYUKATSU.

Negi Miso Sauce

We use butter, garlic and Japanese green onion to craft this house special Miso sauce. The richness of the miso and its ingredients make this a perfect dipping sauce.

Signature Onsen Egg

Slow cooked in warm water, the perfectly poached egg is silky and creamy. With a hint of our dashi soy sauce as base, this is the signature topping for GYUKATSU.

Kyoto Golden Curry

Made with our own dashi stock blend, this is not like any other curry sauce. Dip it with GYUKATSU or pour it on the rice, either way it is delicious.

We only select Premium quality beef that would bring out the best taste for GYUKATSU. With 5 main types of beef to choose from, each cut offers a completely different taste, tenderness and flavour of GYUKATSU.


Juicy and flavourful, Ribeye gets its amazing taste from its beautiful fat marbling. With the sweetness of the fat, Ribeye is no doubt a GYUKATSU fan favourite.

Feel the real taste of beef! Chuck Flap is known for their rich and meaty flavour without losing the tenderness. It is the original GYUKATSU for a reason.

Famous for being the tenderest part of beef, Tenderloin is low in fat and offers a wonderful mild buttery flavour.

Beef Illustration_Black.png



Chuck Flat

The perfect balance of meat texture and fat marbling, Wagyu is the very essence of beef. Savour the supreme flavour only Wagyu can offer.

Our thick-cut beef tongue offers a unique flavour and texture unlike any other cuts. Don’t miss out tongue lovers.  




01.Premium Beef

We only select the highest quality of beef for GYUKATSU that would bring out the best flavour and taste. Each cut that we offer will proivde you a different taste, tenderness and experience of GYUKATSU. 



Our GYUKATSU Panko is refined and 10 times thinner than regular panko. It locks the juice in and drained out the excess oil. Creating the perfect balance of flavour and crispiness.

02.Extra Refined Panko

medium rare.png

03.Medium Rare

We firmly believe that the Perfect GYUKATSU should be Medium Rare.

Frying in higher temperature + short duration allows the umami and juiciness of the beef to completely come out.

No other Katsu offers the same.